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Ofsted Outstanding Provider


Shine Clubs provide peace of mind to all parents and carers by providing a safe and stimulating environment where children can play, have fun and learn whilst being cared for by our qualified and experienced staff.

We understand what parents expect for their children when choosing childcare, so we provide a comprehensive range of services that reduces the pressure on parents and provides maximum benefits for the children.

Our aim is to continue to provide peace of mind to all parents and carers by maintaining a safe learning environment in which children are happy and thus raising the standards in childcare provision.

Shine Clubs - activities


Provide a safe, clean, well-organised environment which gives children the opportunity to learn and become independent within a well structured group.

Enable parents/guardians to continue with their studies or find and retain employment, confident in the knowledge that their children are being cared for in the way that they would wish.
Maintain good quality care providing a wide and varied range of activities.

We present as good role models for the children in our care as children can learn through imitating adult behaviour. Children can benefit from adult interaction and attention.

They also benefit from stimulation, and age and stage appropriate activities which help prevent boredom. We believe this approach encourages positive child development and discourages unacceptable and difficult behaviour.

Shine Clubs - activities
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